Social Entrepreneur Corps is continuously developing ways in which participants can benefit and contribute after they have completed their programs. Following is a summary list of current/in progress alumni benefits.

Professional Networking

Social Entrepreneur Corps leadership is part of global networks of leading development professionals and social entrepreneurs. Connect with other past and present team members to share your stories, hear about exciting initiatives and projects, and explore new opportunities.  We invite past, present, and future team members to join and contribute to our LinkedIn group as well as reach out to any of our leadership directly!

Columbia Business School Certificate

Social Entrepreneur Corps has partnered with Columbia Business School’s Venture for All® initiative to offer participants the opportunity to earn a certificate from CBS titled “Social Entrepreneurship: Changemaking for Change Leaders”. This will include online pre-departure and field-based social entrepreneurship education taught by World Economic Forum “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” and Ashoka Fellow Greg Van Kirk and Professor Jack McGourty of Columbia Business School. The certificate is available to all 3, 4, or 8 week program participants for $200.

Co-founder Greg Van Kirk leads a session with consultants from Deloitte in Guatemala, 2014.

Future Employment

Social Entrepreneur Corps selects outstanding participants every year and asks them if they would like to return to the field post-graduation to work in a leadership position. Many of the leaders of Social Entrepreneur Corps/Community Enterprise Solutions are former participants. We view the experience as an excellent opportunity to evaluate each other and find people who want to continue working in the field.  Check our postings on to see if we have any openings!

Academic and Professional References

All participants who positively engage in the program can request a letter of reference from Social Entrepreneur Corps leadership.

Campus Fellowship

Social Entrepreneur Corps selects highly-motivated students from certain colleges and universities and offers them the opportunities to become Campus Fellows. This is a compensated opportunity that involves project  work tied back to the field, research, on-campus promotion of Social Entrepreneur Corps and a leadership role (if desired) in “Good Stuff Good Works”.

Break Trip Leaders

Social Entrepreneur Corps past participants can set up break trips to the countries where we work and, upon getting together a group of six or more, be eligible to accompany the group at no cost.

Indiana University alternative break trip, co-led with a student leader, Kristin Froehle