The Nicaragua SEC team is off to a great start. Upon arrival in Granada the interns spent two weeks in a crash course in international development. The teams have been spending time with host families, in Spanish class, and in discussion about development issues and project content. The Social Entrepreneur Corps teams are focused on a number of young innovations. They are currently exploring how to further leverage the impact of the Micro Consignment Model by expanding the basket of solutions, using fixed sales points, and by using radio marketing techniques. The teams are now spread around Nicaragua in three unique regions: Matagalpa, León, and Los Pueblos Blancos. The teams are focused on both implementing these new innovations, and measuring their impact while in country.

In addition their work efforts, the teams have also found time to enjoy Nicaragua’s beautiful landscapes. In their spare time the students have enjoyed swimming at the Laguna Apoyo, volcano boarding n Nicaragua’s Highlands, and a trip around Las Isletas, a chain of islands formed by volcanic activity. The teams have also seen Nicaragua come to life as a number of exciting festivals are starting in Granada, and the country has certainly caught World Cup Fever. Stay tuned for further project updates!