Through the motivation of our leaders and the spirit and energy of the Guatemalans I had the pleasure to meet, I was filled with a sense of empowerment and passion that I know will continue to play a role in the decisions that I make for my career and future.

- Kristina C., University of California at Berkeley, Guatemala

Social Entrepreneur Corps runs very highly-structured programs, with participants led and mentored by experienced development professionals. Leadership is with participants at all times  working hand-in-hand while ensuring that we provide all of the support necessary to maintain a safe and healthy environment.  We treat participants as a part of our social entrepreneurship team so that we can together create the most compelling social impact possible.

The Social Entrepreneur Corps team offers a truly unique skill set that combines first rate analytical, strategic and project management skills with years of successful on the ground experience. You will not find any team that brings a greater level of passion or higher degree of professionalism to everything that they do. In the end, we are always respectful of the inherently profound responsibility of our work and that success or failure will be determined by great attention to detail. Everyone on the team, from top to bottom, does whatever is necessary to provide our constituents with the most compelling opportunities to achieve short and long-term success.

The On-the-Ground experience was truly incredible! Another amazing aspect of the experience was having the opportunity to get to know the SEC representatives that were with us. Their passion for empowering people in the local community to become leaders and entrepreneurs was truly contagious. They were all so knowledgeable and helpful, and it was such a pleasure to be able to work side-by-side with them.

- Deloitte Human Capital Consulting

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