Testimonials from Past Participants

“I felt that I made significant, tangible differences in the lives of the people we helped and that I grew a lot as a person and a global citizen as well. My summer was life changing and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”
-  Constance D., Duke University,  Nicaragua

“This program offered me true insight into the imperfectly frustrating and beautiful work that is real, sustainable impact and I come away inspired and hungry.”
- Joe J., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“This group of college students, enthusiastic to create an impact, would not say no to anything because we learn from this job that, when it comes to changing the world, no effort is too small.”
- Hang P., Franklin and Marshall College, South Africa

“I am forever changed by the relationships I created and the things I experienced while in Social Entrepreneur Corps in Guatemala.”
- Kelly M., Miami University, Guatemala

“We weren’t just interns doing busy work. We had the opportunity to mold our work and make real contributions. When we had ideas, we were taken seriously. You can make as big of an impact as you want. It’s interesting: the creators of the MicroConsignment Model set out to create access to opportunity for rural women, and by some fortunate accident, they ended up creating access to opportunity for college students as well. Seize it.”
- Craig M., Duke University, Nicaragua

“I am so lucky and thankful to have had my experience in Guatemala. Through hands-on work, I have learned about poverty, development work, Guatemalan culture and wonderful people. From my loving homestay family to my Spanish language improvement to my now thorough grasp of development work and the MicroConsignment Model, I’ve gained irreplaceable life lessons.”
- Claire S., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“All orthodox learning habits and structures out the window! Social Entrepreneur Corps helped me uncover my calling and purpose in life.”
- Argemira F., Franklin and Marshall College, South Africa

“Social Entrepreneur Corps is designed to take individuals who need not have Spanish or business experience, both of which I had little of, and allow them to do work they never dreamed they were capable of doing.”
- Dan C., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“The program enhanced the quality and number of my dreams and has given me the encouragement to follow them. It taught me about the power and positive influence one person can have in this world and it taught me that development work and so much of life is about listening, humility and a mutual exchange of knowledge.”
- Margaret M., Franklin and Marshall College, Ecuador

“The beauty of this program is that we didn’t give temporary solutions to an individual, but rather permanent and sustainable solutions to communities. As for the student volunteers, we came in as individual students with different backgrounds, not knowing what we had gotten ourselves into, but left as a part of a community.”
- Daniel Z., Duke University, Guatemala

“I feel privileged to have had the opportunities that I did – getting to know the most welcoming locals through homestays, working closely with organizations pursuing impactive and transformative initiatives, meeting individuals driving change in their communities and getting my hands dirty in development work.”
- Namita M., New York University, South Africa

“Through the motivation of our leaders and the spirit and energy of the Guatemalans I had the pleasure to meet, I was filled with a sense of empowerment and passion that I know will continue to play a role in the decisions that I make for my career and future.”
- Kristina C., University of California at Berkeley, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur characterizes meeting the challenges of development with a dedicated approach and empowering technique. I can say with full confidence that the work of our group made a positive social impact. The members of our group grew through immersion, and we emerged through our experiences as more confident and motivated individuals.”
- Jeffery N., Duke University, Nicaragua

“This was one of the most fulfilling, challenging, interesting, worthwhile and fun experiences I have ever had. The program allowed me to see the real Guatemala and was structured in such a way so that I really got to understand the nature of development work. We were challenged, pushed and encouraged to always seek innovative and alternative solutions to problems.”
- Jessica C., Duke University, Guatemala

“This opportunity has left me feeling like I have truly been a part of something special. This has been the best summer of my life and I will never forget the work that I was a part of in South Africa!”
- Erikh P., Miami University, South Africa

“I have learned that there is no limit to the possibilities of service work that is focused and driven by people who believe that they can make a difference starting with their own communities. This experience has given me not only the best summer of my life, but a new focus on my goals and aspirations, one that I hope will involve someday returning to Guatemala.”
- Sonul R., Duke University, Guatemala

“This trip has really made me think about what I want to do in life, and what kind of friends I want to do it with. And thanks to this program I now have a much better idea of what that is.”
- Wick C., Franklin and Marshall College, Ecuador

“Social Entrepreneur Corps changed my perspective on development work, the rest of the world, all the while challenging myself and learning every day.”
- Cammy K., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“I was pleased that we focused on finding out people’s needs, allowing us to provide the most appropriate solutions. This internship challenged my assumptions and demanded flexibility, and I’m so thankful for it.”
- Erica B., College of William and Mary, South Africa

“What separates this program are the caliber and organization of the staff, both foreign and Guatemalan. It’s hard to overstate how difficult it is to organize projects in an ever-changing environment like Guatemala, and the organization did a fantastic job, making all of us their number one priority for the time there.”
- Sachin M., Duke University, Guatemala

“Without a doubt, my experience in Ecuador challenged me as a person in the best possible way.”
- Carly U., University of North Carolina, Ecuador

“Working alongside those who share the same hopes for a sustainable, equitable future was breathtaking, exhilarating…life-changing.”
- Alex P., Babson College, Guatemala

“I learned more from four weeks in South Africa with Social Entrepreneur Corps than I could have in years of courses on poverty and development. I left South Africa with the conviction that the MicroConsignment Model has incredible potential to empower the hard working, inspiring people we met there, and the feeling that my work over those four weeks played an important role in getting those efforts off the ground.”
- Bethany F., University of Notre Dame, South Africa

“My words cannot do justice to how awesome this program is, but it was definitely one of the most fulfilling, fun andrewarding summers I have had!”
- Yichi C., Duke University, Guatemala

“After immersing ourselves in South African culture through our fieldwork and time with host families, I can safely say that I have gained a new perspective on my life at home and of others around the world. Social Entrepreneur Corps is an effective way to make a considerable difference in someone else’s life, and at the same time, your own.”
- Alex D., Miami University, South Africa

“We made an impact in the lives of so many people, and this internship was the most meaningful experience I have ever had. I know I will never forget it!”
- Anne O., Duke University, Guatemala

“I really liked the structure of Social Entrepreneur Corps that allows interns to work independently—something that truly made me feel like a part of the team. I cannot thank Social Entrepreneur Corps enough for all of their help, guidance and making this summer an experience I’ll never forget.”
- Matthew O., Duke University, Nicaragua

“Throughout the month I learned more than I could have ever possibly imagined about micro business, Spanish and true Mayan culture. I also gained two new families and 20 amazingly supportive new friends.”
- Susanne S., Miami University, Guatemala

“Not only was the MicroConsignment Model project work fabulous, but growing forever-lasting relationships with allseven other interns and our two directors through team bonding was unforgettable. I wouldn’t take back one minute of the trip—every second was unique.”
- Abby A., Miami University, South Africa

“This summer helped shape who I am and who I want to be. The friendships made and the experiences have taught me so much and will forever be a beautiful reminder and memory.”
- Sadie W., University of Dayton, Guatemala

“I was blessed by the relationships formed with Ecuadorians and interns alike and will forever be changed due to the love and friendship of these incredible people. I am so thankful for my time spent in Ecuador and will treasure the memories made and lessons learned for the rest of my life.”
- Cate T., University of North Carolina, Ecuador

“Looking back, the lesson of the summer for me will always be a simple one: Try to make a difference in ways younever thought you could.”
- Tim H., Duke University, Guatemala

“From giving full business related presentations in Spanish, to surveying local Ecuadorians about the problems in their area, our best efforts were always expected, and because of Social Entrepreneur Corps we were able to rise to the task and perform in a way I would have never thought possible. As I write this, almost two months after my return to the U.S., I’m still amazed, astounded and humbled by the two months I spent in Ecuador.”
- Alexa M., Franklin and Marshall College, Ecuador

¨My time in Nicaragua has changed my perspective on the world, development work, and myself.¨
- Hanna S., Duke University, Nicaragua

“My participation in the four-week Guatemala program was one of the best choices that I have ever made, both personally and academically. My experiences in Guatemala drastically changed my perspective on my lifestyle in the United States and improved my cultural competency significantly.”
- Charlie W., Miami University, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps provided me with an unparalleled experience in development work. The project isn’t just about helping people get the things they need; it’s about empowering them to earn them.”
- Allison K., University of Michigan, Guatemala

“As an outsider with limited knowledge of Spanish, I never could have expected how quickly the immersion process takes place. The nature of the program is carefully designed to promote as much interaction and exchange with Guatemalans as possible so that one can, as I certainly did, have numerous late night conversations with the host-family to really get at the heart of the culture or get carried away with the enthusiasm and passion of one’s fellow Guatemalan ‘colleagues.’”
- Anurag K., Duke University, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps brought to life for me the concept of social entrepreneurship with the hands-on experience it offers. Seeing the positive impact the MicroConsignment Model has on the community and the people of Guatemala was truly inspiring.”
- Bridget P., The Ohio State University, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps is a one of a kind internship experience. It has opened my eyes to the world of development work.”- Chante S., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“I have learned so much about development and the world, based on a context in which I lived and worked.”
- Perry A., Duke University, Guatemala

“To say that my SEC experience was life changing would be a bit cliché but I honestly don’t know how else to describe it. Stepping outside the classroom bubble and experiencing hands-on development work is thrilling as it is but working with some of the most passionate local entrepreneurs and regional coordinators is simply inspiring.”
-Ching-Ching C., Duke University, Guatemala

“Living with families, speaking Spanish, working with a dedicated group of professionals, seeing a part of the world I have never seen before, inspired me and filled me with hope, hope that this work continues, hope that many more young people can have this experience and hope that my own future career is shaped by my time spent in Ecuador.”
- Claire G., Franklin and Marshall College, Ecuador

“I returned from the field really understanding the model and why it works after seeing the progress it has made andcontinues to make in people’s lives. The program really strived to make sure we understood there was a reason behind the approach, rather than just addressing problems blindly.”
- Dana B., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“From giving presentations in Spanish to local organizations to going on campaigns in rural regions, every activity gave me the chance and the courage to step out of my comfort zone and push my boundaries as far as I could. I was changed tremendously as a worker and as a person and that is something I would forever be grateful for.”
- Hugo N., Franklin and Marshall College, Ecuador

“Since I did not know Spanish previously and had never been to a developing country, I thought I would be lost in such a foreign environment. But this program, the leaders and the Guatemalan people were so kind and compassionate that I felt comfortable and happy every step of the way.”
- Madeline B., University of Oklahoma, Guatemala

“The experience that I had in Social Entrepreneur Corps was even more rewarding than I expected. The people I metwere incredible, and the program provided me with my most interesting, exciting and fulfilling summer yet.”
- Max R., Duke University, Guatemala

“My eight weeks in the program gave me invaluable insight into the challenges and opportunities of developmentwork. This experience will stay with me well into the future and forever impact who I am as a global citizen.”
- Melanie F., Duke University, Guatemala

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“I made friends and memories that I will never forget, and gained a sense of purpose I hope I’ll never lose. The skills gained from immersion, language lessons, consulting work, campaigns and working with truly inspiring people help to push the limits of how you view situations and view their solutions.”
- Michelle M., Duke University, Guatemala

“The impact our work left in Guatemala can never be compared to the impact Guatemala had on me. I came as a volunteer, and I left with a family.”
- Mikaela K., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“From the very first night I felt a part of my homestay family and village. Thank you very much for a rewarding experience that will be with me for the rest of my life.”
- Mike P., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“This opportunity was life changing for me and I hope that it will be for anyone who decides to take on this journey inthe future.”
- Oliver T., Franklin and Marshall College, Ecuador

“The three words that I would use to describe my experience with Social Entrepreneur Corps in Guatemala areempowerment, learning and friendship.”
- Peggy C., Duke University, Guatemala

“Volunteering for Social Entrepreneur Corps has been one of the most unique experiences of my life. This is one of themost effective approaches I have seen and learned about in having people help themselves.”
- Rafael P., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“I appreciated the grassroots approach to combating poverty and I believe the MicroConsignment Model is one of the most successful and sustainable methods offered today. To summarize, my summer in two words: worth it.”
- Sanette T., Duke University, Guatemala

“Educational training coupled with field work gave me a great opportunity to get a comprehensive insight intodevelopment and social entrepreneurship and to acquire practical skills that I never would have gotten in a classroom.”
- Sara M., University of Bologna, Guatemala

“There wasn’t a single day during the program where I did not encounter new people, scenarios or opportunities to give back to the Guatemalan people. I thank Social Entrepreneur Corps for this amazing experience.”
- Siddharth R., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“I am encouraged to take further initiative in my interests in social entrepreneurship and international development because of my experience with SEC.”
- Stephanie E., Wake Forest University, Guatemala

“I’ll never forget the excitement in one of our client’s voices when she explained that, now that she’d purchased a pair of reading glasses, she’d be able to weave again and abandon her current job selling bread on the street. A heart-stopping moment.”
- Valeri H., Franklin and Marshall College, Guatemala

“I went into the program without knowing what to actually expect. Now I’ve come out with an experience beyond my imagination.”
- Yang P., Duke University, Guatemala

“My words cannot do justice to the whole experience. You won’t know what it’s all about until you experience it foryourself.”
-Yangyang G., Duke University, Guatemala

“Take advantage of this opportunity to toss textbooks aside and empower positive social change.”

- Alison T., Miami University, Guatemala

“From housewives to textile factory workers, Social Entrepreneur Corps empowers the seemingly powerless to take leadership and elevate the Guatemalan people out of poverty and sickness.”
- Alice W., University of Texas at Austin, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps allowed me to be an integral part of smart development work that works toward positivesocial change.”
- Alli O., University of North Carolina, Guatemala

“Arrive at your Social Entrepreneur Corps internship with no expectations and you will leave with a greater sense of self. No one can prepare you for the beautiful or the ugly in Guatemala, but you can be sure that when you leave, a part of your heart will always stay here.”
- Andrea C., Duke University, Guatemala

“It’s one thing to read about the work of various international agencies; it’s something else entirely to be on the ground, not only discussing effective strategies creating them yourself.”
- Andrew H., Kenyon College, Guatemala

“Language training, cultural discussions and homestays provide a great basis for starting work, while living and working out in the field shows you firsthand what ideas work and why.”
- Andy P., Olin College, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps provided me access to an incredible network of development professionals and entrepreneurs to learn and grow from, as well as a concrete understanding of ways in which to begin reversing the vicious cycle of poverty that plagues the majority of the world we live in today.”
- Arathi R., George Washington University, Guatemala

“As a native of Haiti, where so many development projects have gone awry, Social Entrepreneur Corps was a breathof fresh air. Social Entrepreneur Corps is an introduction to development done properly without the usual accompanied paternalism.”
- Audrey D., Swarthmore College, Guatemala

“It’s difficult to conceive of how you could have a more engrossing experience in the space of a month.”
- Bryan M., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“As cliché as it may be, I know I experienced a lot of growth as a person on this trip and got a real taste for what development work is all about.”
- Cecelia V., University of Pennsylvania, Guatemala

“Never would I have expected to learn so much in eight short weeks. Because of the work being done in Guatemala, I returned home with a renewed sense of hope in humanity.”
- Chelsea S., University of Notre Dame, Guatemala

“This kind of empowerment is what gives people real hope—hope that liberates and enables.”
- Elsie M., Tufts University, Guatemala

“Positioned at an intersection where the challenge of international development meets the analytical framework ofthe business world, Social Entrepreneur Corps effectively blends a passion for social impact with thoughtful and context-specific business models.”
- Erik H., University of Illinois, Guatemala

“The intensity of being submersed in the diverse culture, taking part in the language and witnessing the economicchallenges faced by locals was not so much overwhelming, but rather was gratifying as we worked together to not only discuss solutions, but actually create realistic development models.”
- Eva M., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps allowed me to break out of the classroom setting and engage in development work on the ground level.”
- Iueh S., University of California at Berkeley, Guatemala

“The leadership of the organization not only offered constant assistance and guidance while in Guatemala, but after working side by side with these amazing individuals, it was clear that each and every member of the team truly cared about changing people’s lives and creating a positive long-term impact for the Guatemalan people.”
- Mike D., Miami University, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps is about the local touch. It creates the opportunity to live, talk, play and bond with local Guatemalans. From whom could I have better learned about the needs that development serves?”
- James M., Columbia University, Guatemala

“Every day has been a learning experience. From the very beginning I have been in the field assisting with projects and experiencing the rich culture of Guatemala. Each project presents its own challenges, but it was those challenges that provided me with real insight into the intricacies of development work.”
- Jennifer W., Baldwin-Wallace College, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps challenges its participants to tackle development issues on an intellectual level as well aswith a hands-on approach. The reward of their work: meeting the Guatemalans whose lives they’ve unquestionably impacted.”
- Jessica G., University of Notre Dame, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps approaches the sensitive nature of international development with enthusiasm andhumility. I strongly recommend this program for anyone interested in the operations side of development work.”
- John H., McGill University, Guatemala

“Instead of tiptoeing around and observing, we jumped in the deep end and experienced the real deal.”
- Katie S., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“I would highly recommend anyone interested in development work and the non-profit industry to spend some time with Social Entrepreneur Corps. The camaraderie, experiences and memories will last you a lifetime, and no doubt change your perception of development and non-profit work.”
- Kelvin N., Columbia University, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps is an incredible opportunity to experience international development firsthand, and to create tangible change for the working poor. In doing so, I was able to develop a better sense of my life goals and the person I hope to be.”
- Kevin C., University of Notre Dame, Ecuador

“Social Entrepreneur Corps provides perspective and leadership, with a deep respect for the Guatemalan culture and a desire to help people recognize their skills and strengths to enhance their own lives. It is incredible how this program provides such an extensive and holistic experience in only a month, while truly expanding one’s understanding of development work and positive sustainable change.”
- Laura K., University of New Hampshire, Guatemala

“I found myself amidst a poverty I’ve never known before: homes built of scraps, no running water or electricity, animals everywhere with few boundaries marking inside from out. I stood out obviously, and yet I never felt unwelcome. Instead, I felt like I was finally doing something. Something productive and good.”
- Lauren W., University of North Carolina, Guatemala

“We were humbled and in the process learned how to be better members of humanity. As with many significant experiences in my life, I have left with more questions than answers, but isn’t that the point?”
- Lauren S., Boston College, Guatemala

“You are involved in every integral part of the organization’s process, allowing you to become personally attached to your work. It’s no longer work, but a part of your life.”
- Lusmaia D., Franklin and Marshall College, Ecuador

“Without a doubt, there are few better ways to have a holistic, educational and exciting international experience.”
- Matt C., University of North Carolina, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps was probably the most amazing experience of my life. Social Entrepreneur Corps is hands-on and fun, and I loved every second of Guatemala.”
- Max C., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“For the first time it was not only the motivation to change that was driving my excitement, but the innovative, impactful and inspiring nature of the work itself.”
- Michelle M., College of William and Mary, Guatemala

“While an intern can have significant impact during the time they are there, I now realize that perhaps the most important part of our work was NOT what we were able to do while there; rather, it will be the things we will be doing in the future because of what we learned, saw and did.”
- Olavo F., University of Notre Dame, Guatemala

“The Social Entrepreneur Corps models epitomize sustainable development.”
- Rachael W., Columbia University, Guatemala

“Participants definitely come out of the program with a new view of social entrepreneurship and the strength it has to make positive changes.”
- Raymond L., Columbia University, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps is about learning that as you make a positive change in the world for others, you’re also creating a better tomorrow for yourself. It’s commitment, sacrifice, and rewarding in ways that cannot be measured. It’s hope.”
- Rebecca H., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

“It was about making personal connections: curious conversations on a chicken bus in broken Spanish, children who followed us with shy gazes or amused finger-pointing, a little girl who let me pet her beloved gray kitten, my host-mother who taught me how to properly fry plantains. All of these little pieces form a beautiful mosaic, a reminder that despite all of our differences, one commonality can bring everyone together: humanity.”
- Ronjgie C., Duke University, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps provides an opportunity to be successful not only for its volunteers but for every person it reaches out to.”
- Roxanne B., University of Notre Dame, Ecuador

“In Social Entrepreneur Corps, you get some of the smartest people in development taking your hand and walking you into the world of development.”
- Saifuddin A., Franklin and Marshall College, Ecuador

“When we weren’t doing research, discussing articles, working in the field, creating presentations, consulting non-profits, assisting the women entrepreneurs or making a lasting impact, we were scaling volcanoes, bathing in hot springs and zip lining through the canopy.”
- Sara G., Webster University – St. Louis, Guatemala

“The best part of it all is that even though I’m no longer in Ecuador, I know that the work I did there made a lasting impact and is still being put into use.”
- Sarah W., University of North Carolina, Ecuador

“The skill and rare insight you gain as a corps member are invaluable for your life and career, in development or anything else.”
- Tara M., Barnard College, Guatemala

“Social Entrepreneur Corps is simply extraordinary in that it lets you actively participate and contribute to an exciting and revolutionary development model. Participants are given an opportunity to learn on the job in a process of constant collaboration to improve projects and transform the world of development.”
- Thomas W., University of Notre Dame, Ecuador

“As you travel through the country there will be plenty of opportunities to become immersed in both Latino and Mayan culture, the world of development work and the lives of locals. A volunteer that takes advantage of these opportunities will feel they have accomplished more than what they had thought was possible.”
- Tristan K., University of Connecticut, Guatemala