To say that my SEC experience was life changing would be a bit cliché, but I honestly don’t know how else to describe it. Stepping outside the classroom bubble and experiencing hands-on development work is thrilling as it is, but working with some of the most passionate local entrepreneurs and regional coordinators is simply inspiring.

- Ching-Ching C., Duke University, Guatemala

Social Entrepreneur Corps interns work in teams to carry out focused and sustainable community development projects. They can expect to manage their own project budgets, carry out needs analyses, draft action plans, deliver trainings and workshops, test innovative technologies and submit their deliverables and recommendations, which are reviewed and implemented by the global team. To learn more about intern-led initiatives that impacts our ongoing operations, download our annual impact reports or check out some of their deliverables below.

Highlighted Recent Work

Declaro Mis Derechos Brochure
Declaro Mis Derechos BrochureDominican Republic
Participants created a promotional brochure for families seeking to declare their children in the DR.
Solar Lamp Girasol Info Sheet
Solar Lamp Girasol Info SheetDominican Republic
Participants designed a promotional flyer for the new solar lamp product.
Water and Sanitation Manual
Water and Sanitation ManualDominican Republic
Participants created an informational manual to help entrepreneurs promote best practices for hand washing in conjunction with water filter sales.
Shampoo Production
Shampoo ProductionEcuador
Participants designed a shampoo production manual to support local artisans in venturing in a new business opportunity.
Nutrition and Hygiene Habits
Nutrition and Hygiene HabitsEcuador
Participants designed a nutrition and hygiene poster to promote healthy habits in rural communities.
Andean Stove Manual
Andean Stove ManualEcuador
Participants created a construction manual to facilitate training and building process of stoves in Ecuador.
Family Impact Profiles
Family Impact ProfilesGuatemala
Participants created informational profiles on families who had previously purchased Soluciones Comunitarias products to determine the impact the purchase had on family wellbeing and savings.
Lema Customization
Lema CustomizationGuatemala
Participants created a customization scheme for the beautiful handwoven textiles allowing potentials buyers to choose from their range of rich natural dye colors.
Feasibility Study New Solar Lamps
Feasibility Study New Solar LampsGuatemala
Participants assessed the potential for the introduction of two new solar lamp models into the product line offered through the MicroConsignment Model.
Abonatura Labels
Abonatura LabelsNicaragua
Participants created labels with product information to better present, inform and improve sales.
Campamentos de Cafe Brochure
Campamentos de Cafe BrochureNicaragua
Participants created a brochure to promote the educational projects the organization is implementing in Nicaragua.
Water Filter Warranty
Water Filter WarrantyNicaragua
Participants created a warranty card to implement a new costumer service tool for clients purchasing water purification systems.’