Respect the Costanza Rules

Get to 80%

Take five minutes more


Confirmation bias

Loss aversion

Choice overload

Ambiguity aversion

Cognitiave load

The Nirvana Fallacy

Influence lasts, persuasion is fleeting

Plan for surprises and there are no surprises

Effective to efficient to expansion

The Anna Karennina Principle

Trust converts failure to iteration

Entrepreneurs clean the toliets

Offer a service don’t sell a product

We are not rational beings

Leave your ideology on the plane

Don’t confuse intent and impact

Inputs aren’t outcomes

Know that people are people

Don’t fear the content

Laugh at yourself

Recognize that if you do it right, it will hurt

Celebrate first downs

Be sad, get pissed and then do something about it

Symptom to symptom to symptom to symptom to problem

Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good

Choose, you have to

Create force multipliers

Don’t be myopic

Think big, work small

Leverage what exists

Make yourself unnecessary

Get from real needs to personal desires to actionable choices

Find the workarounds

Are you doing good or less bad?

Are you preventing or solving?

Solving everyone’s problem may be solving no one’s problem

Focus on what it achieves and not what it is

Find concrete benefits from the client’s perspective

Analyze the capital mix

Poor people don’t want poor quality

Do what you can now

Be inductive and deductive


Look for trim tabs

Don’t build the space shuttle

Create a mutually symbiotic ecosystem

Respect the Anna Karennina Principle

Be true to your McGuffin

The organization serves the mission

Sit on the same side of the table

Align incentives and accountability

Believe in others before they believe in themselves

Use self-selection

Grease the rails don’t push the train

“What do you think we should do?”

Put the heart in the model

Look in the mirror first

Decide on your non- negotiables

Ask five more questions (but not too many more)

Doing nothing is a decision

Understand your limitations

Build in brown M and M’s

Create redundancies and resiliency

Own the outcome, not the activity

Take the high road

Be prepared to walk away

Urgency not panic

Ask third person questions

Zoom in and zoom out

Put the heart in the model

Be a waiter(waitress)

Build in feedback loops

Know that it is messy and lumpy at times

Remember the car analogy