Getting Started

Keys to giving a good charla

Guia de Rompehielos (Icebreaker Guide in Spanish)

Grassroots Consulting Charlas

Analisis FODA (SWOT Analysis)

Plan Estrategico con Vision y Mision (Strategic Plan with Vision & Mission)

Ahorros (Savings)

Estudio de Factibilidad (Feasibility Study)

Como Empieza un Negocio (How to Start a Business)

Contabilidad (Accounting)

Mercadotecnia (Marketing)

Control de Calidad e Higiene (Quality Control & Hygiene - Food Service)

MicroConsignment Model Charlas

Rocket Stove Nutrition & Cooking Charla

General Rocket Stove Charla

Interactive Activities for a Water Day Event

Hygiene & Water Health: Charla Instructions & Worksheet

General Water Health Presentation