1. Handout: Intervention Strategies:  Handoutntervention Strategies

2. Handout: What is the shape of the solution?: HandoutWhatistheshapeofthesolution

3. Handout: Teamwork - RACI Model: HandoutTeamworkRACIModel1

4. Handout: Full Logic Model Framework: HandoutFullLogicModelFramework1

5. Handout: The 15 P’s: HandoutThe15Pa

6. Handout: Problem Solving: HandoutProblemSolving

7. Handout: Behavioral Economics and Decision Making Biases: HandoutBehavioral Economics and Decision Making Biases 101

8. Handout: Servant Leadership: HandoutServant Leadership

9. Handout: Keys to Giving a Good Charla: HandoutKeys to Giving a GoodCharla

10. Handout: Keys to Effective Consulting: HandoutKeys to Effective Consulting

11. Handout: Qualities of a Good Question and Keys to an Effective Survey: HandoutQualities of a Good Question and Keys to an Effective Survey

12. Handout: Nudge, Nudge, Think, Think: BestPracticesArticleNudgenudgethinkthinkThe Economist

13. Handout: Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead?: BestPracticesArticleSusan DominusIs Giving the Secret to Getting AheadNYTimes

14. Handout: A Behavior Model for Persuasive Design: BPArticleBJFoggAModelForPersuasiveDesignPaper

15. Handout: Choice Overload Burdens Daily Life: BPArticleBarry SchwartzChoice overload burdens daily lifeUSAToday

16. Handout: Design Thinking - What is it?: Design ThinkingWhatisit

17. Handout: Leadership Lessons from the Shackelton Expedition:Leadership Lessons From the Shackleton Expedition

18. Handout: Influencer - The Power to Change Anything:  InfluencerThePowertoChangeAnything

19. Handout: Twelve Steps to Practical Problem Solving:  Twelve Steps to Practical Problem Solving

20. Handout: Why Talent is Overrated: Whytalentisoverrated

21. Handout: Seven Keys to Effective Feedback: Seven Keys to Effective FeedbackbyEducationalLeadership

22. Handout: Mindfulness in the Age of Complexity: Harvard Business Review Mindfulness in the Age of Complexity

23: Handout: Inc - Seven Things The Best Leaders Never Fail to Do: SevenThingstheBestLeadersNeverFailtoDoInc.