Overall Empowerment Framework

According to the Empowerment Framework, empowerment is seen as a process that happens in 5 different stages and each of them involves a certain degree of empowerment. These 5 stages are: 1) Awareness, 2) Choice, 3) Use of choice, 4) Direct impact and 5) Indirect impact

1. Awareness: This includes improved awareness about an issue, the possible solutions to it and any new knowledge gained. Ex. # People that were informed about a vision campaign and improved their awareness on the importance of basic eye care

2. Choice: It involves people taking actions around an opportunity or solution. Ex. # People tested with the SVOne, # People that purchased glasses

3. Use of choice: Makes reference to people actually using the solution. Ex. # People reporting the regular use of eyeglasses and protective glasses

4. Direct impact: Is the impact that comes from using the solution and occurre at the same place and time. Ex. # and % of people reporting an improvement in the performance of their daily activities thanks to the use of eyeglasses

5. Indirect impact: Is the impact caused by these actions that occurred later in time but are still foreseeable, its not what we do, its what we set in motion. Ex. Are people sharing the knowledge or the information provided with the rest of their community?


The following files are some of the tools and indicators that were developed based on the Empowerment Framework in order to evaluate some of our main projects:



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