Our relationship with Social Entrepreneur Corps is now nearly five years old, and we value it very much. Our belief in DukeEngage is that student transformation comes when they are fully immersed in an issue and community. The Social Entrepreneur Corps model achieves this as well as any program I know. Through intensive  language instruction, homestays and student involvement in the MicroConsignment Model, their programs have had a huge impact on our students and the communities they serve.

-Eric Mlyn, Executive Director DukeEngage

Co-Design a Program

Social Entrepreneur Corps enjoys many strong relationships with its university and college partners. In every case, our team custom-tailors the programs to fit with our partners’ academic goals and unique needs of their students.

To inquire about setting up a direct partnership with Social Entrepreneur Corps, contact Dan Malin, our Partnership Coordinator, at the following address:

Dan Malin

[email protected]

Students from Miami University of Ohio in Ecuador led by professor Brett Smith and Dr. Anne Farrell, January 2015


If you are the director or program coordinator for your college or university’s office of study abroad or service-learning, we will be happy to discuss the ins and outs of setting up an exclusive partnership for your students. Below you’ll find testimonials from our university counterparts that speak to the impact our programs have had on their students.


If you are a professor looking to include practical fieldwork into your course curriculum, we can help you select meaningful work opportunities that reinforce and expand upon the classroom component.


If you are a student in a class, student group or club with any kind of international, entrepreneurial or service-related focus, please reach out to us! We can work with you to identify fundraising and scholarship opportunities that will make it possible to join our team in the field.

Graduate students from NYU’s Stern Business School and Wagner School of Public Service in Guatemala, led by professor Jill Kickul, January 2015

Students from the Universitas 21 international consortium in Guatemala, July 2015

Partner Testimonials

Social Entrepreneur Corps offers students a unique opportunity to make a real difference in the world. Their partnership program with Franklin & Marshall College in Ecuador has allowed our students to engage in intensive community-based learning experiences bridging the gulf between theory and practice in a real and meaningful way.

- Susan Dicklitch, Ph.D., Associate Dean of the College, Director, The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement, Franklin & Marshall College

At the Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Miami University we research and study a broad scope of social entrepreneurship models. The combined impact that the MicroConsignment Model and Social Entrepreneur Corps create is a true rarity. Rarely do we come across such elegant models for alleviating poverty that are both highly-scalable and empower everyone involved in such a high quality manner.

- Brett Smith, Ph.D., Founder and Director, Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Miami University

Some business ideas are so straightforward and make so much sense that you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  This is definitely the case with the MicroConsignment Model. When our students heard Greg Van Kirk present the model, it made perfect sense to them;the idea in itself was entrepreneurial and encouraged entrepreneurial activity in rural communities. The model provides the training and tools for micro-entrepreneurs to sustain their businesses, as well as purchasing power, which can then be used to spur economicdevelopment in their own communities. Our students keep mentioning the model because it just makes sense.

- Melissa A. Paulsen, Social Entrepreneurship Program, University of Notre Dame

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