I am so thankful for this experience. This summer changed me. I learned amazing things through the work that I accomplished, the people I met, and the opportunities I experienced. This summer I challenged my body, my mind, and my heart. What I experienced I will never forget. It will live through me and the stories I tell. This summer I truly lived.

- Brian M., Miami University, Ecuador

Social Impact Immersion

Our Social Impact Immersion program in Ecuador is the perfect fit for those who want to spend their summer in a new environment learning about social entrepreneurship through classes, cases studies, discussions, analysis while at the same time living, engaging and working with local populations,  local NGOs and social entrepreneurs.  This is a great opportunity to create social impact, to put your skills to work and empower yourself and others. Ecuador will welcome you with its beautiful Andean landscapes, lush Amazonian forests and stunning colonial towns.

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Eight Week Program

Our local program manager, Justina, who resides in country, will be in contact with you in the months and weeks leading up to the program to provide you with the itinerary, a country guide, packing & preparation lists and project specific information. 

After arriving in Guayaquil, we will travel to Cuenca, where our headquarters are. There, all interns will spend the first two weeks living with homestay families, studying Spanish intensively, participating in development and social entrepreneurship educational discussions, project content and technical training, safety and security orientation sessions, and working with partner development and relief organizations located in nearby communities. This “ramp up” segment is essential to ensure that interns can work as effectively and efficiently as possible with our development professionals and constituents in the field.

To truly embed yourself in Ecuadorian culture and improve your Spanish along the way, you will live with homestay families throughout your time in Ecuador. You will be matched with a homestay family that has been selected and trained by the Social Entrepreneur Corps team. Engage in conversations, learn about the rich history, literature and culture of Ecuador, and take some time to enjoy the unique diversity of the Andean and Amazonian regions.

Upon conclusion of the Foundation Building segment in Cuenca, interns will work in small teams and each team will travel to and spend two weeks each in two different satellite sites including: Pulingui, Riobamba and Zamora. You will work alongside our local team members and community partners and it will be an opportunity for you to bring your energy, enthusiasm, and skills to a challenge, growth opportunity or new social innovation that can create impact with communities while engaging with local partners. Through hands-on fieldwork, meetings, and work sessions with your intern team, you will create solutions, deliverables, and strategic recommendations to help take the next steps forward. Learn more about what we do by looking at recent projects below or reading about our work.

Enjoy your last few days together as a group to share your projects with local counterparts and the rest of the intern team. Work with our team to create long-term plans for how they will implement your projects and incorporate recommendations. Engage and reflect with Social Entrepreneur Corps leadership about the transition back home and how to present your experience professionally and informally.


Cost: $4,150

Begins/Ends: Guayaquil

Dates: May 31 – July 24

Eligible for Columbia Business School Certificate

Social Entrepreneurship: Changemaking for Change Leaders

additional $200

Two Week Summer Jump-Start

Do you want to expand your boundaries, gain new perspective, challenge yourself, and have a unique experience abroad before you take on your internship or job for the summer?  The Summer Jump-Start program provides university students an opportunity to travel to Nicaragua or Ecuador and join the Social Entrepreneur Corps team for two weeks.  You’ll live with homestay families, put your Spanish to the test in conversational settings, and immerse yourself in local communities while engaging with social innovations that empower local constituents and make a social impact.


Cost: $1,500

Begins/Ends: Guayaquil

Dates: May 10 – May 22


  • Maximize your impact by hitting the ground running with custom-tailored grassroots consulting projects
  • Make lasting connections with Ecuadoran families through our homestay program
  • Improve your Spanish through total cultural immersion
  • Work with cutting-edge technologies and innovations
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Highlighted Recent Work

Shampoo Production
Shampoo ProductionEcuador
Participants designed a shampoo production manual to support local artisans in venturing in a new business opportunity
Nutrition and Hygiene Habits
Nutrition and Hygiene HabitsEcuador
Participants designed a nutrition and hygiene poster to promote healthy habits in rural communities
Andean Stove Manual
Andean Stove ManualEcuador
Participants created a construction manual to facilitate training and building process of stoves in Ecuador

Living with families, speaking Spanish, working with a dedicated group of professionals, seeing a part of the world I have never seen before, inspired me and filled me with hope, hope that this work continues, hope that many more young people can have this experience and hope that my own future career is shaped by my time spent in Ecuador.

- Claire G., Franklin and Marshall College, Ecuador

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