I made friends and memories that I will never forget, and gained a sense of purpose I hope I’ll never lose. The skills gained from immersion, language lessons, consulting work, campaigns and working with truly inspiring people help to push the limits of how you view situations and view their solutions.

-Michelle M., Duke University, Guatemala

Jumpstart Your Summer

Are you looking to expand your boundaries, challenge yourself, and have a unique experience abroad before you take on your internship or job for the summer? Then jumpstart your summer by joining one of our high-impact, two-week programs in Costa Rica or Mexico! You’ll live with homestay families, put your Spanish to the test in conversational settings, and immerse yourself in local communities while engaging with social innovations that empower local constituents and make a social impact.

The Summer Jump-Start program provides university students an opportunity to travel to Costa Rica or Chiapas, Mexico and join the Social Entrepreneur Corps team for two weeks.

5 Reasons to jumpstart your summer:

  • Totally immerse yourself in a new culture from the moment you arrive. You will gain a unique window into Costa Rican and Mexican societies.
  • Rapidly improve your Spanish-speaking and comprehension skills through deep language immersion.
  • Learn how real-world applications of social entrepreneurship impact and empower individuals and communities.
  • Accomplish important, valuable goals with our local teams of social innovation leaders.
  • Maximize your impact by staying engaged with Social Entrepreneur Corps network, which links hundreds of participants, partners and clients.

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Costa Rica

May 15 - 27


May 15 - 27