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Opening Doors of Opportunity

Prior to my trip to Ecuador, my career plans were set. I was getting involved in the right student groups, doing research, and making connections, to hopefully one day become the general manager of a professional baseball team. As a freshman in college, I was doing statistical analysis to determine the true value of the […]

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Whose Volunteer Experience is This Anyway?

In a world that’s centered around the “me” concept, the idea of an internship that is 1. Unpaid, 2. In a foreign country, and 3. Costs money to participate in, is quite frankly ridiculous to some and a waste of time to others. Almost immediately after telling people about my experience they would inevitably ask, […]

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Social Entrepreneur Corps Launches Campus Fellows Program

Year after year, Social Entrepreneur Corps is fortunate to host incredibly bright and motivated students from partner universities across the US as interns supporting our in country operations. Their efforts supporting the work of Community Enterprise Solutions (CES) and its local partners are extraordinary, and have made a significant impact both in moving forward CES’s […]

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