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Agua, Access and Academics: Lessons on high-quality H20

Essential to health, well-being, and improved performance, access to affordable purified water at school allows students to quench their thirst for education.Social Entrepreneur Corps and our sister organization Community Enterprise Solutions (CE Solutions) work with schools in the Dominican Republic to break down barriers to clean water while saving schools money. Growing out of project […]

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Todos Santos: Oh the Memories

This Saturday morning half of Team Impacto woke up at dawn and headed out on a trek to hike to the tallest non-volcanic point in Central America. The climb to the top of “La Torre” was pretty eventful with highlights including dodging herds of sheep, responding to friendly yodels from a few locals, and chasing […]

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An Impactful Summer (Winter) in Ecuador

Summer has officially begun! Except, because we’re just slightly south of the Equator, it’s technically winter here in Ecuador. Kicking off our summer of amazing internship programs with our sister organization Social Entrepreneur Corps, five students from the University of Notre Dame’s Student International Business Council (SIBC) are joining the Ecuador team for a 2-week […]

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