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Core Value: We Vote for Inclusivity!

A group of SECorps interns in Ecuador pose with a group of children in Pulingui, Ecuador during the 2014 SE Corps Program. In this photo, the interns were visiting a local school to collect data and information regarding access to clean water. Much of the work that intern groups focus on involves creating access to […]

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Guest post: Sara (UNM), Adam (Lycoming College), FL Eddie, Matt (Cornell), Andy (entrepreneur), Chris (Cornell), Horia (U Penn), FC Kaylynn, FL Mario

The last three weeks have been eventful in the town of Los Blancos, here on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic.  Team Impact worked hard on their various projects, and accomplished some incredible things.  One of their APF projects was working with a local entrepreneur who builds furniture.


Meet Andy Starling, a young man with […]

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An Impactful Summer (Winter) in Ecuador

Summer has officially begun! Except, because we’re just slightly south of the Equator, it’s technically winter here in Ecuador. Kicking off our summer of amazing internship programs with our sister organization Social Entrepreneur Corps, five students from the University of Notre Dame’s Student International Business Council (SIBC) are joining the Ecuador team for a 2-week […]

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Working Within the Gray.

After spending eight weeks as an SEC intern in Nicaragua, one of my biggest takeaways from my experience was learning to work and live within the gray. When I say gray, I don’t mean the absence of colors. My memories of my trip are tinged with so many vibrant hues - the dandelion yellow of […]

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Empowering a Community

One of the best parts of Guatemala I have observed so far is the sense of community and the desire to help others, even when there is no immediate, or even ultimate gain for the person doing the helping. With such small towns and villages, often living in extreme poverty, I have seen community members, […]

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