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Core Value: We Vote for Inclusivity!

A group of SECorps interns in Ecuador pose with a group of children in Pulingui, Ecuador during the 2014 SE Corps Program. In this photo, the interns were visiting a local school to collect data and information regarding access to clean water. Much of the work that intern groups focus on involves creating access to […]

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Opening Doors of Opportunity

Prior to my trip to Ecuador, my career plans were set. I was getting involved in the right student groups, doing research, and making connections, to hopefully one day become the general manager of a professional baseball team. As a freshman in college, I was doing statistical analysis to determine the true value of the […]

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Supporting Artisans through Good Stuff Good Works

I have always had such a respect for handicrafts. Perhaps it’s my own tendency to make things, but I have always found myself drawn to handmade items. While In Guatemala as a Social Entrepreneur Corps intern, I found myself constantly in awe of the handmade goods for sale everywhere I looked. Yet I also noticed […]

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