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Core Value: We Vote for Inclusivity!

A group of SECorps interns in Ecuador pose with a group of children in Pulingui, Ecuador during the 2014 SE Corps Program. In this photo, the interns were visiting a local school to collect data and information regarding access to clean water. Much of the work that intern groups focus on involves creating access to […]

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World Food Day: Community “Canastas” Create Access to Affordable Food

This Friday, October 16th, is World Food Day. This is a day when people around the world join the movement against hunger and create one voice in affirmation of their commitment to the eradication of hunger in our lifetime. In celebration of this occasion I’d like to take this time to reflect on an experience […]

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Core Value: Start with Empathy

Last month, we were excited to launch #ProjectEmpowerment, a social media campaign that will highlight the core values that inspire our work at Social Entrepreneur Corps. Our core values shape the way that we approach empowerment in all aspects of our work. They guide everything from our internal team dynamics to how we engage with […]

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Guest post: Sara (UNM), Adam (Lycoming College), FL Eddie, Matt (Cornell), Andy (entrepreneur), Chris (Cornell), Horia (U Penn), FC Kaylynn, FL Mario

The last three weeks have been eventful in the town of Los Blancos, here on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic.  Team Impact worked hard on their various projects, and accomplished some incredible things.  One of their APF projects was working with a local entrepreneur who builds furniture.


Meet Andy Starling, a young man with […]

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Measuring Impact with Miami University

For the first time ever, the CE Solutions Ecuador team and sister organization Social Entrepreneur Corps hosted a winter program with undergraduates from Miami University of Ohio’s Farmer School of Business!  In collaboration with Miami U’s Center for Social Entrepreneurship, eleven students and three professors came down to the equator for three weeks to help […]

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Todos Santos: Oh the Memories

This Saturday morning half of Team Impacto woke up at dawn and headed out on a trek to hike to the tallest non-volcanic point in Central America. The climb to the top of “La Torre” was pretty eventful with highlights including dodging herds of sheep, responding to friendly yodels from a few locals, and chasing […]

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San Juan My Heart

As week 3 is coming to a close, I can’t help but notice how much team Initiative has been able to accomplish in just 5 days. This Monday, we arrived in the city of Sololá, which is about 2 hours out of Antigua, and ventured across Late Atitlán by boat to a small town called […]

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Dispatch from Nicaragua

The Nicaragua SEC team is off to a great start. Upon arrival in Granada the interns spent two weeks in a crash course in international development. The teams have been spending time with host families, in Spanish class, and in discussion about development issues and project content. The Social Entrepreneur Corps teams are focused on […]

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What I Wish I had Packed

Although I like to consider myself an avid traveler, going to Dominican Republic for my Social Entrepreneur Corps taught me some useful packing and travelling lessons I wish I had known before I embarked on my journey. Read carefully if you want to spend your time experiencing everything instead of worrying.

 At least a week before your […]

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Whose Volunteer Experience is This Anyway?

In a world that’s centered around the “me” concept, the idea of an internship that is 1. Unpaid, 2. In a foreign country, and 3. Costs money to participate in, is quite frankly ridiculous to some and a waste of time to others. Almost immediately after telling people about my experience they would inevitably ask, […]

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