Collaborating with Mujeres Cambia

Community Enterprise Solutions first learned about the Ecuadorian artisan group, Mujeres Cambia, two years ago through Peace Corps volunteer contacts. Every summer since then, Social Entrepreneur Corps interns have collaborated with the artisans and learned about their work and the beautiful jewelry they make from recycled materials.

Last weekend, as Regional Coordinator of the coast in […]

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Supporting Artisans through Good Stuff Good Works

I have always had such a respect for handicrafts. Perhaps it’s my own tendency to make things, but I have always found myself drawn to handmade items. While In Guatemala as a Social Entrepreneur Corps intern, I found myself constantly in awe of the handmade goods for sale everywhere I looked. Yet I also noticed […]

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Soap-making in Riobamba

This past week, Hilla Benzaken, the regional coordinator of the Andean region of Ecuador, accompanied the women’s association of Pulingui, Riobamba in a soap-making workshop. The idea came about after summer interns from Social Entrepreneur Corps conducted a needs analysis with eight of the coordinators of the association. The women mentioned that they were looking for […]

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