Social Entrepreneur Corps has given me invaluable experience and knowledge about sustainable development work that I will apply to different ventures in the future. We not only learned about successful development models, we saw them in practice and met the people whose lives they were improving. The leadership was a perfect example of what grass roots development leadership should be. The experience taught me the necessity and importance of the sharing of knowledge that is essential for successful development work. On both sides of development work we can teach and learn from those we are helping as they learn and teach us valuable lessons as well.

- Richard B., University of Connecticut, Guatemala

Social Entrepreneur Corps offers you the opportunity to work side-by-side on a grassroots level with professional international and local social entrepreneurs in Latin America.

Our programs don’t leave you in the classroom. You are not placed with an organization or in a community and left to find work and figure it out yourself. This isn’t “voluntourism”.  You are empowered to learn, experience and create lasting change in structured programs that are designed and run by seasoned professionals who are creating innovative and sustainable solutions for communities every day through our sister organization Community Enterprise Solutions.

We are not a  volunteering organization that “looks for” things for participants to do so that we can have a successful company. Rather, the key to our success and your success is that the first question we ask ourselves when  designing our programs is always “How can we engage you in a way that gives you the knowledge, skills and experience you need to facilitate a  profound level of community impact?”.

What we have found is that participants, working with us for one week or several months, can help us to serve our community clients much more effectively and efficiently than we can so by ourselves. This is teamwork with a clear mission and proven social entrepreneurial models.  We are confident that it is because our programs are laser focused on “achieving” rather than “doing”,  that everyone involved reaps tremendous benefits.

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